Several decoration techniques to help improve the image of the lingerie store

March 16, 2017 0 Comments

we know that the opening of a lingerie store, the store’s image is very critical. If the lingerie store image is not good, it is difficult to attract consumers into the store to buy. Good visual recognition makes a sense of pleasure. Lingerie stores should also follow the rules of market competition and business competition, not only to reflect the store business philosophy, but also to play the store brand promotion effect. The following small series from the basic requirements of the decoration of the front, discusses how to enhance the visual appeal of the image of the store, the store in order to establish a high quality image and expand the visibility.

Store image design

as the market competition is increasingly deepening, operators in order to expand the market, brand promotion, integration of enterprise image, pay special attention to the image of the store design. Full of visual appeal of the store image, with the integration of the structure of the form, the standardization of the signs, the new material and eye-catching color shows that, in fact, play a store brand promotion effect. Therefore, the decoration of the store image design has become an important part of corporate image planning.

The original structure of the facade and building

entrance design according to the building width size, traffic, store style orientation, planning a good entrance location and open the door, such as door, revolving door, sliding door etc.; material selection glass, wood, titanium, stainless steel and so on, but also consider the convergence process of different materials. Considering the weather, the entrance must be smooth; step step good anti-skid treatment.

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