The frog called dry pot to ask

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joined the project selection of dry pot called dry pot, to join the details of what would you like to ask here to help you answer. You can also leave a message directly below the site.

asked: frog called dry pot to join what


: a frog called dry pot joined the way mainly has two kinds, one is to join the brand, the second is to join technology. As its name implies, its two ways to join are very good understanding. Technology alliance is to learn of known production technology formula, mixing vessel, can operate their own; and join the brand must play the "frog is called dry pot" brand management.

asked: technology to join the area, the amount of investment required?

: a frog called dry pot to join the shop asked the shop building area of not less than 150 square meters; and investment shop a total investment of not less than 200 thousand yuan.

asked: what are the technical training to join


Answer: the choice of

called dry pot to join, you learn a lot of technology. Including: Wok Grilled Bullfrog, dry pot duck, shrimp bullfrog pot, spicy chicken pot, pot dry shrimp, dry pot chicken; Chongqing spicy dish, Hot pot characteristics.

Q: what are the fees included in the


answer: many brands to join is a join the cost problem, the frog called dry pot joining technology better, including franchise fees, training fees, accommodation expenses during the training, during the training cost of raw materials etc..

asked: frog called dry pot joined in support of what



headquarters called dry pot franchisee opened early, mid, opened after the opening there will be a variety of uninterrupted policy in support of.

frog called dry pot to join? Do you have any questions you can give us a message, we will answer one by one. The frog called dry pot to join, we look forward to your joining!

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