The media published in Hong Kong alone were arrested home and found the picture of Viagra cash

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

recently announced the media in Hong Kong alone were arrested picture, Yang suspicion of riots and Huang Tai Mong was arrested at his home and found suspected drug Viagra 100 grain and 530 thousand yuan in cash.

Hongkong "local Democratic Front" spokesman Huang Yang suspected riot police arrested. It is understood that the police broke into a Tin Shui Wai arrested Yang Huangtai, suspicious chemicals in the unit, EOD personnel are on-site inspection, fire trucks also were on the alert.

Kaylor in sunny sunny Wai village police arrested Yang Tianshui Huangtai unit to collect evidence, at about 9:30, a number of police officers will take 28 years and evidence, escorted Zhang homeowners to Tin Shui Wai station.

found evidence including "V for Vendetta" mask, a metal telescopic batons, a computer, a set of knee and elbow pads and a backpack, some electronic components and circuit board, and there are about 100 suspected drug particles first (commonly known as Viagra) impotence drugs. Police seized $530 thousand in cash in the unit.

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