Grassroots people can invest in 3D printing business

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

today’s 3D printing is very popular, however, although many investors are interested in such an opportunity, but do not know what it is that investors can grasp. Some people may say that although the 3D printing is very hot, but always feel very far away from the people. In fact, 3D printing on your side, and grassroots investors can afford.

first, the civilian application of technology. In the sixteenth Expo, 3D studio debut, only need to all kinds of information of the object is scanned, and then through the 3D printer can print out, its accuracy is much higher than that of sculpture, clay, wax etc.. According to the reporter, in Xi’an, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and other places have been 3D photo studio, and business is quite good.

to the Xi’an market, for example, mainly for couples, newlyweds service for their custom of their own, the monthly net profit of more than 50 thousand yuan. The current market related business, as well as 3D gift shop, 3D doll shop, etc.. In addition, now 3D printing has begun to spread in a number of areas, even McDonald’s, HASBRO want to make a toy, but also through the 3D print constantly design and modify the shape. Now almost all toy companies in Guangdong are using 3D printing technology.

second, the price is very close to the people. From Cobo learned that 3D printing equipment sells from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars are mainstream devices priced at 10 thousand – 30 thousand yuan, investors can afford the grassroots.

third, consumables prices are not expensive. There have been many projects, although a one-time investment in equipment is very small, but the latter needs of supplies is very expensive, leading to small investors hard to get started. In this regard, the reporter specifically investigated the 3D printing supplies. At present, the most common supplies are paraffin, resin, etc., the price is around 10 thousand yuan / ton, not expensive.

fourth, the purchase of equipment is very convenient. Now investors buy 3D printing equipment is very convenient, the domestic supply of not less than one thousand, has increased more than ten times more than in 2012.

fifth, people can afford. Although the project is good, but in order to make money, but also people can afford. It is understood that the current standard of 3D printing charges are 3 yuan per gram of supplies charges – $8, the average price is $5. Customers print a "self", up to more than and 200 grams of supplies, calculate the design fees, not more than $1500. For those who like fashion, the pursuit of fashion, can accept.

chief executive officer of the Asian manufacturers association, said the current market situation is engaged in the manufacture of prototypes and small metal products directly manufacturing companies or individuals more money". Because it is not subject to the limitations of raw materials, but also a high degree of technical maturity. On the contrary, large metal products manufacturing

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