A pan fried fire good business

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bad business how to do? Let us not to complain, do not let us wait, but need to think of a way, so that we can bring our business to "save". Now the business depression, the entire industry is like a pool of stagnant water, business is not good to do? I think this problem is a headache for everyone. Look around the shops and business people gradually close the wrinkles I was unable to get up after a fall, his brow, the decide on what path to follow?

since the price of cigarettes increased five yuan, cigarettes are sold five pieces of five, shop 50 Fen is not enough; after the summer, the ice cream does not sell, a lack of money, even one yuan is tight steel Beng! No change is small, you can go around for cash, but this source of customers less?

One day

husband and I discuss, "buy a wok!"

"ah? Business is like this, but also toss it?" I hesitated.

"because of this, only to toss, or like a dead water." Husband answers.

"ok!" I had to live horse medicine as a dead horse.

In fact, I

all these years to sell dried fruit, is not with the wok. Since the door to a food shop, he saw me selling seeds Tinghuo, he also began to sell, and buy a rusty wok. You don’t see is a rusty wok, it can go big role. My old customers have gradually been set him in the past, I have teeth itch.

this year the seeds of late, I have no confidence to sell. Now is not the same, after the new wok my back, to put a monkey in front of the store, wok turn up, the fragrance is appetizing smell of fried melon seeds, into the nasal cavity, the customers are attracted to DC saliva, buy goods to ask each other: "where the smell coming from? So sweet, so sweet!" I smiled: "my home! Now you see, fried melon seeds, fresh melon flavor is fragrant, light smell, let you DC slobber." Everybody laughs. The first day of the turnover of the seeds of Bai, I face surprise, was really worth.


new is a bomb exploded suddenly I was dead before operating state. The customers buy melon seeds are generally buy a 32 dollars, ten dollars, a dollar change is gradually more up. My daily turnover several times, is really moving up the fire wok, fry my shop.

customers come to buy a pack of cigarettes, go out tempted, "boss, ten dollars a taste of melon seeds."

"ok!" I smile, ran before the busy awfully.


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