Young guy invented recycled paper shoes creative venture was successful

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

in the process of entrepreneurship, in fact, the emphasis is on a new venture, in today’s society, there are many popular popular business projects, but compared with the characteristics of entrepreneurial projects is less and less.

although the beginning is not good, Thozak or clumsy-handed made 20 shoes — including a never under was rejected, and finally to determine a design. Finally, he was tested with Velcro, choose a flat cutting design.

2009 he launched an early version of the site – by the end of 2010 has its own company Tombolo. At the same time, he conducted a study of the potential customer base, in June 2010 to start the test version of the product. Tangzhake also applied to the Sparkseed of Losangeles, Sparkseed is a non-profit organization that provides seed capital, mentoring and other resources for social entrepreneurs. In April 2010, only 21 years old Tangzhake was named Sparkseed’s creative home. Just 2 months later, the new site completely changed the line.

Tombolo is the main product of recycled paper shoes brand, inspired by the early envelope paper shoes. Tangzhake said, "I was asked," Hey, your feet a cardboard? ‘"

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