Korean dress good Korean dress shop name Daquan

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

South Korea women’s clothing store is many female friends of the dream, the first to marry a nice shop shop, business will be more prosperous, the whole network of small finishing the latest good Korean dress shop Daquan for you, for your reference shop!




can beg Carlisle


GefeishidiAccording to


fashion clothes

clothing agentThe

tideThe original


goddess extraordinary house

in Amoy

element girl fashion store


‘s distribution

empress Shu Qi

large coffee

Mary commoner

Yu Mei

interpretation: Mei words represent the dress woman’s charming; Royal said with a woman’s dress is a symbol of strong woman identity. Two words will look like wearing clothes shop will have tenderness and domineering woman’s name, looks very atmospheric, is easy to understand.



interpretation: this name is very suitable, imagine a group of beautiful girls wear beautiful fashion shop in the street by a shadow, really makes people confused. Does this shop not only chic, called the ring, but also is the popular vocabulary, is likely to attract a large number of potential customers through the search.


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