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although many Chinese is still very vague, however, Adult supplies related shops or more gradually, beginning in the market increasingly unpopular. When you are boring when walking around, always inadvertently in the corner and saw the Adult supplies store, and the number is gradually increasing. This has a lot to do with the change in people’s ideas! Sexual liberation, so many people began to respect nature, to give up some of the secular sense of being imprisoned! Adult supplies shop and the same as the hot shop, investors choose which way to operate, is determined by their own interests and economic conditions. The Adult supplies store management attention, let you more entrepreneurial road!

adult supplies business note:

The choice of shops

. Adult goods store should choose to live more densely populated communities or commercial areas, the service industry is more concentrated.

adult supplies store business notes two:

Adult supplies store, need to apply for business licenses issued by the food and Drug Supervision Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau to handle business license, tax registration certificate to the tax bureau, health bureau to apply for health permits, if related to medical equipment business, but also the need for medical device license. Because there is no industry and Commerce regulations, adult supplies this business scope, the store down after the license business scope will be health food". Business scope: family planning supplies, adult toys, adult sexy underwear, sexual health care products, etc..

adult supplies store business notes three:

adult supplies store purchase channels. One is to the local health supplies wholesale sourcing, the two is to find the source to Adult supplies wholesale online, can also choose to join some Adult supplies brand (be sure to visit the comprehensive understanding before joining).

adult supplies store business notes four:

adult products have a lot of products are prohibited by the state, the novice must first understand the policies and regulations. Related issues to the local industry and Commerce Bureau to consult about it.

adult supplies store management notes five:


adult products profiteering era has passed, and the industry pointed out that adult supplies (sexual products), after all, is not radish vegetables, less natural patronage, which has become one of the factors affecting business. Secondly, fake goods disaster caused by flooding water. In addition to a number of well-known brands, and now some stores at least forty or fifty other brands, the origin is also diverse. These factors have a direct impact on the development of the industry.


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