What are the difficulties of doing the car wash business

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

do car wash business, do not need a store, operating costs are smaller, lower fees, but also more attractive to the owner, looks like a very good idea of entrepreneurship in the current favored by a lot of people. However, there are not many people who really rely on such a business to get rich, which naturally involves the difficulties faced by such a business. So, what are the difficulties to do the car wash business?

1, technical difficulty, outdoor car wash shop N times harder than the car

temperature. Hot summer, water spray to instantly evaporate, leaving water marks to wipe, wash water outside in winter, just spray up, a thin layer of ice is formed, it can not continue to rub, and then cloth will freeze, water will freeze, frozen hard, sole gloves. Freeze breaking. In addition, I estimate that there are not a few car wash master is willing to work in the summer, winter outdoor work, I am very curious, which recruit people, and how much money should be paid?

gale. A summer, a winter, half a year’s time is scrapped, spring and autumn is the temperature is appropriate, but a gust of wind blowing over, the car and the mud.

2, urban management

if you want to do the car wash business, it depends on your hard work in the local relationship, if you wash the car in the street, urban management, environmental protection, the city always want to talk about your heart chat. Then the talkative ask, home wash you are using tap water.

3, other owners of


car and car close, and then how to pay attention to, there will always be water to the side of the car, splashing water will have a car mud ideas.

4, owner antipathy

to provide on-site car wash, put a small get water, difficult, sometimes they all feel shy. Winter can freeze, it can be dangerous.

5, property difficult to get


community is not to let you into what, soft and hard not to eat, what is your point?

if you want to do a hot home car wash business, the above five points have to be taken into account, only to solve these problems to be able to really do a good business booming. So, the reason why the door wash car is high, but not much, and these difficulties are naturally have a great relationship.

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