Grasp the potential needs of customers can do fire business

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

is now a lot of shopkeepers are complaining that their goods can not be sold out, however, there is a sales guru once said, there is no product can not sell, only those who can not sell products." Around us, there are a lot of retailers who will complain: goods difficult to sell, money is difficult to make, customer psychology difficult to ponder.


is, why do some goods sold elsewhere so smooth, and to your store became No one shows any interest in furnishings? Not the market is not the demand, but the retail households do not use certain marketing skills, wake up the potential needs of customers only, the loss of business opportunities, it is a pity.

Taiwan has a company, recently developed a suitable for workers wearing a double ring diamond ring. Although they have done a lot of publicity, but consumers do not buy it, a lot of the world, sales of mediocre performance, which can be very anxious for the manager of the company. So, they have to think tank weapon. Under the mastermind of the think tank, the company made a "please try" promotional activities. The argument is based on the common female beauty, especially girls, as long as they are fully awakened this kind of psychological, it will form a wave of buying.

so they decided, who have reached the age of 18 women can come to try wearing a diamond ring, and they also promised, who can have the honor to become the "aesthetic selection" in the top three, who will be able to become free from the ring master. Try to say one is not new, but won the aesthetic selection of the top three will become the owner of the ring is a very fresh promise. Sure enough, the countless dreamy girl, every day, to try them in a continuous line in front of the company, called clouds, lively and extraordinary. A few days later, the ring is sold out.

planning before the mediocre sales performance, sales were "blowout" state planning, commodity or the product, the group or groups, so why performance is different, this is the awareness of the potential customer was fully stimulate the results. The first is the love of beauty, especially young women, personality, the pursuit of fashion; second is to have the opportunity to enjoy "free lunch", but they do not suffer, Why not?.

retailer Zuo Changlong is a genuine "chess", each Pro free, will put a board in front of the supermarket to find someone to "kill" two. The Mid Autumn Festival will come, he learned that a local joint venture came to group purchase matters, few come to eat "cold-shoulder treatment", is more than the left line get disheartened, the company learned that the boss is chess, encountered when not busy, always there to find people under the chess leisure square. So, Zuo Changlong take the "passive" way to the square every day.

have the common people is "Zilai Shu", left in the course of contacts with the boss with a queue, and then talk about the business side of things, of course is ripe. Finally, left dragon >

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