Construction of the rule of law to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

for many local entrepreneurs, protect people’s intellectual property is a very important thing, especially for some investors, at the same time, the entire era of innovation and entrepreneurship also began to become a theme.

master to go to work, home robot began to work, no power can recharge, Suzhou Ecovacs robot Co., independent research and development of "Ding" sweeping robot, in monthly sales of more than 7000 taiwan.

"Suzhou the protection of intellectual property rights, arouses our enthusiasm for innovation." The company official said. From the humble factory into the innovation of enterprises in Suzhou, far more than a Ecovacs. Relying on innovation Nuggets market, is becoming a spontaneous pursuit of SMEs in Suzhou. 2014, the amount of patent licensing in Suzhou reached 55 thousand, for many years to occupy the top two cities in the country, including the number of invention patents up to 5264.

during the Dutch village of Shaxi town village of Taicang City bulletin board, the reporter saw to clarify the "administrative power" and "autonomy" of the two lists: "grassroots autonomous organizations to assist the government to work" villagers "committee to perform their duties according to law.". The village cadres made clear regulations on the basis of no task they do not bear the higher levels of government departments under the.

by Dr. America Zhang Yan responsible for the development of mute and non consumable patented technology, is the core competitiveness of Suzhou beiang Technology Co. ltd.. This relies on a number of invention patents grew up in the enterprise, two years to fight three intellectual property rights lawsuit. Suzhou intermediate people’s Court of intellectual property rights in a timely and impartial trial, and ultimately make the Zhang Yan team to win the lawsuit. Uene and photovoltaic technology Co. Ltd trademark rights case, also thanks to the Suzhou Department of industry and commerce, as the initiative, 5 provinces to carry out law enforcement investigation and evidence collection, and to assist the local business sector prompted the infringing party to stop infringement, compensation for losses.

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