How to dress the baby autumn coming

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

has been the beginning of autumn, the weather becomes unstable, there will always be a hot and cold alternately, this is a very painful thing for countless treasure mother who does not know how to give the baby clothes. Although the beginning of autumn is over a period of time, but the temperature is still high. In the face of "autumn" to mom and dad how to dress the baby to choose? Xiao Bian today will introduce you to the hot weather alert, father and mother to baby clothes.

alert "autumn" baby clothes "job"

after the beginning of autumn, although the temperature is still high, but we can find that morning and night now have a chill. The hot autumn season, how to give your baby to wear clothes? I believe you have heard "continue", in fact, the old saying is not without reason. Now, although the beginning of autumn, mom and dad are worried about the baby catch cold, may be to the baby clothes began to increase.

but at noon the temperature is very high, if you wear too much, give the baby to cover sweat, so prominent, so the baby will be very cold. So, mom and dad actually need not just after the beginning of autumn, immediately to increase the baby clothes, can let the baby proper autumn freeze, if you are worried about the weather dips, can go in, give the baby to carry a thin coat, cold will be ready to put on.

alert "autumn" baby clothes, keep warm autumn to prevent disease

we just said "job", but now say warm, but the two are not contradictory. Although the weather has not arrived at the cold, but because the baby’s body temperature regulating center and the development of cardiovascular system is not complete, the baby cannot adjust the temperature change in vivo and in vitro, it is easy to cause the baby autumn diarrhea and other diseases.

so, even after the beginning of autumn, the weather is not hot, some precautionary measures or to do. For example, belly, feet, back and other parts of the baby to keep warm, can not let the baby play barefoot or naked on the ground.

alert "autumn" baby clothes – appropriate clothes

we just mentioned above, for now and then cool season, mom and dad can take a baby with a small coat. To go out with your baby, if it is sooner or later, you can give your baby to wear a jacket, so cold. When it’s hot at noon, you can take off your coat. Mom and dad need to pay attention to is the baby’s coat is not too thick, so as not to catch a cold sweat baby.

baby after all resistance is also very weak, if a careless cold is not good. However, if the clothing >

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