nternet plus to help the new development in Wuhu

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

is a mobile Internet era, the development of many enterprises cannot do without mobile Internet as a platform in the industry as a whole, compared with the popularity of mobile Internet platform is started by the three squirrels such a brand, recently, Wuhu city also combined in active and mobile Internet the tourism industry.

The rapid rise of

"Internet plus" era, with such ridicule: Internet plus retail achievements of Taobao, Internet plus financial achievements of the balance of treasure, Internet plus matchmaking achievements Jiayuan Internet plus mobile phone made of millet…… The State Council recently issued guidance on actively promoting "Internet plus", proposed to create "Internet plus" a new form of economic goals. "Internet plus" across the square, Wuhu many enterprises in the cross-border integration of the spirit of innovation in the industry, the new air station, leading the new trend of industry transformation.

"Internet plus food," Nuggets "tongue on economy"

in the "Internet plus" Food Industry Conference on industrial innovation three squirrels rely on the Internet thinking, again by the great concern of many industry leader. Then the development of the three squirrels experience in "Internet plus" era what reference, in three squirrels founder and CEO Zhang Liaoyuan’s eyes, the Internet is what food enterprises should look like?

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