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As the saying goes,

is a friend, not to mention there is still competition in terms of economic interests, want a good relationship, it is not simple. In fact, the relationship is not bad, as long as there is no vicious competition between each other. However, some new stores are vulnerable to peer difficulties, in the face of this situation how to deal with? In fact, Xiao Bian proposal, just do their own.

sees the shop crossing is because the population and traffic are quite large, although not self-contained, but business is not a person can do. So the husband and discuss the original mess store settled, in line with the principle of Friendliness is conducive to business success. first day, I shop opposite the shop owner smiled, but did not think she was back to me a dirty look.

because of the unfamiliar, the beginning of the shop business is bleak, the leisure time I will be in the shop to see the opposite.

on the opposite side of the boss will really do business, she is articulate, almost every business can clinch a deal. I just found her face customers smile face if the peach, such as customer turned face down and every moment, I will come into contact with the eyes of me a dirty look, so many times I will no longer show.

once a customer does not agree a price in her shop came to my shop, but she also loudly called her customers to the store to buy. I have asked her not to behave, then just laugh it off, I think as long as the approval of the customer, you do not go into "grab"!

but, gradually, some rumors about my shop to my ears, what products are fake, quejinshaoliang. At first I was angry, but also very helpless. Although knowing who is doing nothing, but in the business to better, to action to quell rumors.

carefully manage their own shops, from the heart to meet the needs of customers. Increase product variety, improve product quality, reasonable price range, regardless of the size of the business I have treated equally. For some of the customers do not have the goods in the store, I try to purchase in the purchase of special. For a long time, and more familiar with the people up, naturally formed a number of fixed consumer groups, business has gradually become prosperous, while compared to the opposite shop business on a lighter.

the relationship between peers should be how to deal with, this is every businessman should think about the problem, it should be a good relationship. In fact, peer is not friends, but if we encounter such counterparts without knot to the feeling of sadness, indifferent, good intentions of their own on the line.

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