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With the increasing demand for domestic service industry,

has now become more and more popular industry. A lot of friends to see the domestic service market and business opportunities, are investing in. So, when the investment management company, pay attention to what? Xiaobian introduced.

A, the establishment of business focus: nanny, part-time, family security, teachers, family care workers, temporary home repair and shuttle children sooner or later are the business scope. Investment in domestic companies, in the operation of the timely provision of various types of customer service staff is the key to determine the fate of the company. We will expand the scope of services to every detail of the family life, and must guarantee service quality, standardize, the service personnel must be certified.

B, fees charged: the development of membership, the housekeeping company all services clearly listed, and marked the price. According to the labor intensity, working environment, the size of the responsibility by the parties to determine the consultation. Such as: general labor service per person 8 – 10 yuan / hour; patient care during the day – 25 yuan / day, at night, $35 / day; clean indoor health service standards for the month of 100 – $110 per month, service 4 times, etc.. Investment in domestic companies, the contents of the form, issued by the service staff. Service staff because it is home to the company’s employees, so the company received a fixed salary plus performance incentives (in principle, can not charge tips). The company’s main source of income is the intermediary fees, intermediary fees ranging from 80 yuan –150 yuan. Customer service staff generally do not pay cash, but according to the form of this month’s monthly payment services to domestic companies. If you are a non member, you only need to fill in a form, the service fees to service personnel back to the company.

C, service diversification. At present, domestic service companies are mostly engaged in part-time and cleaning work, investment in domestic companies, service project is single, to a certain extent, can not meet the market demand. The timely introduction of "sub nanny" and "emotional care", there are some services outside things, such as family travel before travel tips and essential goods; to provide valuable suggestions for the study of the child; and health care etc.. In addition, can also provide advice to do the decoration, wedding banquet, small to buy.

D, professional training, enhance service level. To set up a good service team, they must have the necessary training. Investment in domestic companies, of course, if there is a labor market and other sectors of the community oriented domestic service training courses on the best. Our company can also carry out small professional training, please specialized teacher curriculum, including various learning cooking, medical knowledge, nursing knowledge, knowledge of psychology, education, nursing.

E, the establishment of the company network. With modern pace, you can build a network. Production company website, including company

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