s it a blessing or a curse

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student debt millions of jump events, very many users confused, in the school of college students how to owe so much money. The development of the Internet, so that college students have a variety of ways of lending, coupled with the incorrect concept of consumption, college loans often occur.

3 9, Henan Institute of animal husbandry, a college student in debt due to the inability to pay for suicide. This college student loan to students on behalf of hundreds of thousands of yuan, some students even when things do not on borrowing. The picture shows: March 9th is the last day of Xiao Zheng in the world, at seven in the evening, the students in the dormitory received his last speech message  .

the student loan, is a trend in recent years. Although to some students of the "borrowing trouble" had heard, but never thought, the loan to life. In fact, don’t look at the college students have in adult physiology, many people still "silly boy" psychological, consumption, credit and other adverse consumer behavior is widespread, and some of the campus loan platform is to seize business opportunities from this loophole.

  avoid similar tragedies, schools and parents should strengthen the guidance of College Students’ consumption and financial management, but more importantly, is to regulate the campus loan. In this regard, relevant legislation and supervision departments cannot and should have in order to gloss it over, according to the legal provisions and regulations forced those who recognize only the money does not recognize people lending platform remain in a proper sphere. Only by changing the campus loan situation to make the dragons and fishes jumbled together, away from the debt ridden college students, learning to grow at ease. Pictured students received his voice that night.

  every word Xiao Zheng are deeply revealing despair, according to students, mentioned in the information monitor arrears parties is these students, by students credit platform on the Internet, hundreds of thousands of dollars in small loan in the name of Zheng Yi students.

  there is even a part of the students, to borrow things unaware, until the noisy company came to the door, only to find that they have huge debts.

  the reporter contacted Xiao Zheng family, Xiao Zheng’s father was also confused.

  each individual event involved as are the victims, and what is the culprit causing the tragedy? Show the legacy bedroom on the bill, from the beginning of 2014, Xiao Zheng began to handle all kinds of credit cards, many credit card bills are still paying off.

  and Xiao Zheng to the students the ious also show that from the beginning of 2015, Xiao Zheng came into contact with a variety of network types reached dozens of loans. In order to meet the increasingly high level of consumption, we recommend

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