Female college students do not cover the home business selling pork

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

does not work hard, it is better to go home to sell sweet potatoes. It was a laugh joke, but now it has become a reality. Many young students after graduation did not choose to apply for employment, but returned home to start their own boss. After graduating from Sichuan college students on their own business, open chain stores selling pork.

now chain store business is getting better and better, Liu Yi said it cannot do without the support of her family.

in the interview, Liu Yi told reporters that she was still young, so there are a lot of dreams to realize, entrepreneurship can let her learn a lot of experience, exercise. "After all, still young, I just wanted to gamble, see if you can do the job, you can do what, come to what extent, to exercise their own, improve themselves, realize their greater value of life."

According to the 2015

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