Anhui entrepreneurial star launching ceremony held in Hefei

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

now has become a business theme of the times, there are a lot of people have an entrepreneurial idea, at the same time in the society will continue to hold a series of entrepreneurial activities, recently, Anhui venture star "activities carried out in Hefei.

12 PM, Anhui venture star "launch ceremony in Beijing Innotree, Hefei science and technology innovation nursery and Hefei love public record signing ceremony was held in the public space of Hefei science and Technology Innovation Service Center Building Conference room. Deputy researcher of Hefei science and Technology Bureau Yuan Cheng attended and delivered a speech, Beijing causal Tree Technology Co. founder, Hefei Teng love multi-creation space founder Wu Xinkun, Anhui specialty chairman Niu Yongwei, chairman Chen Yongquan and other innovative DreamWorks founder, CEO to many enterprises.

in the event, all entrepreneurs are actively sharing dry cargo, communicate feelings, thought of novel ideas and unique triggered live guests applause,

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