ndustry investment need to be cautious

March 15, 2017 0 Comments

as the saying goes, gehangrugeshan, now is such a phenomenon, a lot of people are impatient, afraid of accidentally wrong industry, as in the back is much more difficult. According to the questionnaire results, the concept of parity with the weighted score of thirty-four, was selected as the most lucrative business opportunities of the business concept, Taiwan franchise Promotion Association Secretary General Li Peifen believes that with the development of retail business, the more high civilized countries, the concept of parity play more extreme, so like the United States, Japan and other countries, everywhere large a quarter of goods shopping center, and $100 shops in Japan is therefore a dazzling performance, in addition, because of the economic downturn, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but also one of the reasons for the prevalence of parity concept store.


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