More than and 300 phishing site domain name analysis was stopped

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recently, the reporter from the Chinese anti phishing Alliance (APAC) was informed, by the end of October 30, 2008, the establishment of CN domain name system anti phishing quick resolution mechanism based on DNS has stopped more than 300 phishing sites. Experts pointed out that this found a rapid processing of an anti phishing processing mechanism show that the application of the Internet domain name from the roots of combat and curb phishing sites, not only effective, but also has very strong pertinence.

phishing has become a serious threat to Internet security, international problems hinder the development of online banking, e-commerce, governments and authorities are increasing, the harm of the crackdown. Registered by the Chinese domain name administration Chinese Internet Network Information Center led the establishment of the anti phishing Alliance for the most extensive sphere of influence, is the most harmful online financial fields such as e-commerce, a serious blow up in just a few months time to get a good purification effect of network.

it is understood that since the July 2008 alliance, ICBC, the Agricultural Bank, Tencent, Taobao, Baidu Chinese, Google and other famous enterprises have joined, and the number of coalition members of the unit is still expanding, has reached 42, covering important areas of Internet banking, securities, e-commerce, online games etc..

head of Secretariat of the League Chinese Internet Network Information Center Hanhui sun lawyers, the union complaints mainly from Tencent, Taobao, Baidu, Google, ICBC and other well-known e-commerce sites and commercial bank. Especially since late September, the financial crisis spread rapidly in the world, many criminals also took the opportunity to create a large number of phishing attacks.

phishing sites and the use of Taobao website exactly the same style of the page, LOGO, pictures to illegally cheat user account information." network security manager Ni Liang said, "in the past to deal with this kind of phishing sites generally require two or three days or even longer, although has been high, but still have some friends cheated in the past few days. And now through the rapid reaction mechanism of the anti phishing alliance, once found phishing sites, you can immediately suspend its domain name resolution services, termination of fraud. The maximum reduction in the loss of users, also a great blow to the arrogance of the makers of phishing sites." It is reported that just a few months, Taobao suffered a similar, and other dozens of phishing sites harassment, after a complaint to the union, within 2 hours will be effectively resolved.

according to the identification and treatment process China anti phishing alliance, the alliance received relates to alliance members of phishing sites after complaints authority identification will immediately be determined, once identified, two hours of domain name registration services to suspend its DNS, termination of fraud.

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