What needs to be done to open an optical shop

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market glasses shop so much, the needs of such a large group, even if it is not too late to open an optical shop. If you want to open a shop, then what kind of work do you need? Quickly follow the small series together to see it, I hope you can solve some entrepreneurial problems, you can not miss a good opportunity.

1, glasses shop location

to store, location is very important, usually in some neighboring universities and most prosperous sections are suitable for open shop, according to the different choice of funds of different stores, too quiet and remote location, not suitable for open shop. Billion glasses is the most professional online shopping mall with glasses.

2. glasses shop decoration

3. frame

to open a more than and 50 square shop, the general need to invest 1000 pairs of optical glasses, contact lenses and pay 50 drops, 500 pair of sunglasses. 1000 of them pay, pay for 400 low, 5 yuan in the purchase price, price at 30 yuan, 300 paid for the mid-range price in 16 yuan, the sales price of 100 yuan, 200 pay for high-grade, the purchase price at 40 yuan, the sale price of 160 yuan, 100 pay for the purchase price in the high-end 50 to 200 yuan price in 160-360 yuan. 300 pay 100 pay grade, sun, price in 10 to 30 yuan, 120 for the mid-range, purchase price in 16 yuan, the sales price in 38-98. 80 pay for 100 yuan in the purchase price of high-grade, priced at 100-300 yuan.

4. lens

now the best the most used resin lenses, the most commonly used, to find good suppliers that are estimated at 15 to 80 yuan, all kinds of thin coating, we usually to customers with 1.56 of the purchase price in the following 30.

5. device

6. glasses shop technology

Identification and operation of

7. glasses shop procedures, documents

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