Open shop Manicure basic flow

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

now people pay great attention to personal image, to create the perfect image, even a small detail can not let go, start from Manicure. Manicure open shop like this? How to start? If you are not very familiar with the steps, then choose the brand right.

market positioningBefore

if you want to open a Manicure shop, shop, first of all should do market research, understanding the potential consumers Manicure consumption characteristics of the city and the region, an accurate positioning to Manicure shop. To be aware of the potential consumption of these potential consumer groups, consumer psychology and consumer habits, and then do targeted preparations.

locationThe location of

technical training

Real Manicure not industrial products, but the humanized service. Only first-class technology, in order to provide first-class service.



so we recommend a professional Manicure shop, must strictly control the quality of the products recommended

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