The two business women need to pay attention to what

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

two venture, which is not unfamiliar to many people, but want to succeed in the two venture, we really have to pay attention to some of the women have to guard against.

Second, should do a good job of learning preparation. Wang Shuqi believes that after a period of time for family life, women’s knowledge, confidence and other entrepreneurial qualities will be slowly ground to. She suggested that women in preparation before the two business year to learn, so that their state of charge, slowly recovered, and in the workplace "".

Third, to respect other people’s way of life. Li Ying has experienced a number of entrepreneurial, return to the family and the two entrepreneurial process, which deeply felt. She says women who work in the industry often say they don’t understand full-time housewives, and housewives think that career women don’t do the same. The greatest experience along the way she is: any choice of women are understandable, should respect others and their different lifestyles.

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