Zhu Li apiculture achievement millions of wealth

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, who lives in Wuhan, Zhu Li, was affected by the family, is very familiar with the bee. It is also a success of his brilliant career. In early 1998, Zhu Li quit the job and began operating the royal jelly bee. After several years of hard pioneer, now the annual sales reached about fifty million yuan. He solved the crisis to win the wealth of life.

2003 in March, is the cause of the peak period of Zhu Li came to the office as usual, however, a report to let him fly, feeling the moment was thrown to the bottom of life, followed by the quality supervision department seized 15 factories and stores, why Zhu Lineng because the disaster have a blessing, in the storm, the same year the explosive and open 8 stores, shop full of customers?

1989 in the state-owned financial department as chief Zhu Li, the resignation of the sea, according to their ancestral stunt and continue to study the beekeeping beekeeping technology, accumulated by small bees tens of millions of wealth, Bao Chun Zhu Li, compared with the general beekeepers what unique skills? How to make millions of wealth by bees?

was born in bee family, etc. from the father, China beekeeping Dean figure with "Chinese queen," the reputation of Mr. Zhu Qiqiong, this let Zhu Li of bee products and bee keeping technology consummate.


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