Shanxi new 13 provincial and university entrepreneurship training in designated institutions

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

with the prosperous development of entrepreneurship, China makers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training can accurately correct guidance created countless entrepreneurial talent, make a contribution to China entrepreneurship development progress.

1 25, the news, Shanxi province people club hall in 2015, the provincial colleges and universities (including technical schools) and entrepreneurship training designated institutions increased by 13, the total number of 31.

31 and in the provincial universities (including technical school) entrepreneurship training institutions designated, 25 completed the annual training period of 140 entrepreneurial awareness of 321 classes, training of qualified 26783 people, founded enterprise training phase 25 71 classes, training qualified 2017 people.

although the youth in our country has very high entrepreneurial enthusiasm, but in the field of entrepreneurship is the lack of a lot of professional knowledge, through systematic training class for entrepreneurs to better understand the business situation analysis, what needs to be done, so as to achieve the final success.

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