Nanjing restaurant location must see

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

Nanjing is a small city, but Nanjing’s catering market competition pressure is very great, for entrepreneurs to the development of the catering industry is not an easy thing, so the catering chain stores to the site? To open a restaurant, site selection is the top priority, then the restaurant franchise in the site should pay attention to what factors? The following is small as we summarize catering stores location three elements:

key through Lee chose to buy shops for example, we found that invests in catering shop "landlord" buying shops in the selection, it is essential to understand the related policy changes.

if the operators choose to operate in the vicinity of the station, the main customers are from the passengers, including the work staff and students. In this lot is the most suitable for the establishment of fast food restaurants, and carefully deal with the pricing problem, to be divided into different objects and different. Such as the Chengdu snacks, Lihua Fast Food etc.. If the shops open area in the company, the main customers for the workers to work, its purpose is nothing more than to do business or recommendation

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