Three join the dispute must be avoided

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

in the franchise industry chain will sometimes encounter some disputes, the types of disputes? How can we effectively avoid these disputes? Xiaobian compiled the relevant information, and now for everyone to answer questions related to join the dispute.

The relationship between

One of the common

join the dispute

relative to do marketing headquarters counseling or do not really complain, there are stores that headquarters too much intervention, the requirements of today, tomorrow I will cooperate with the franchisee, stand it.

to join those who, first of all to identify the ability to implement marketing headquarters and counseling. This includes: first, the promotion of any policy must be carried out by human action. To the convenience store, basically every 7 to 15, the headquarters has a full-time coaching the coaching staff, assuming that the headquarters of the existing 300 stores to calculate the light is at least to have counseling staff 20. So, ask to join the other, may wish to control the proportion of the headquarters of the staff and the existing franchisees. If the result of the conversion, the magnitude gap is too large, then perhaps for the headquarters of the follow-up guidance and support, to join the more consideration.

Second, belong to the professional counseling staff dedicated work, not just outside the recommended recruitment headquarters

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