Visit Master Su Zhaohong entrepreneurial mentality Shencanzhijian entrepreneurship to employment

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

, a disabled person employment by entrepreneurship is not very inspirational, this positive energy should share to more people, now, let’s visit the entrepreneurial journey. Zhaohong Su Master! Feel his entrepreneurial positive energy!

core tips

the disabled is a popular group in the society, Hainan has about 500 thousand disabled siblings, they are invisible and colorful world, live in a silent world, unable to get out of the house is lying in bed for a long time…… Su Zhaohong is one of them.


2005 in September, graduated from Hainan University School of tourism Zhaohong Su into society. In the face of fierce market competition, the normal body of people are facing employment pressure, not to mention a disabled person. But Su Zhaohong did not complain, not wait for the country or family assistance, by virtue of his strong faith and not afraid of failure, not afraid of difficulties in the determination, began to explore their own living. He and his friends scrape together fifty thousand yuan, opened the first company in life, a special agent of a portal site’s classified information network operations.

the initial success, Zhaohong Su did not slack down and enjoy the moment, but in the market situation to his own higher goals.

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