Small make up to share five common rules

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

in our business, there will be a lot of skills, these skills are common in many industries, so we should learn some of these skills. So, what are the general rules of entrepreneurship? Xiao Bian today summed up the five general rules for everyone.

1.  vent, to breathe the fresh air

ideas are rarely in a meeting room. Many of my good ideas come from kite surfing, running, biking, or simple family gatherings. It’s no use being a workaholic in the office. Go out and do something new.

2.  don’t look for revolutionary ideas in life

Brian  Chesky and Joe  Gebbia created AirBNB, but did not expect that they will become the biggest threat to the hotel industry has 250 thousand rooms in over 30 thousand cities. They want to earn money to pay the rent is good, and the extra room rented.

Before you start

3.  focus on passion, not revenue and profit

A representative from

the French Senate in the general assembly before it arrived at the venue, and asked me: "your activities are in English, so you will be equipped with a French translation of?"

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