How to open the work of the preparatory work can not be less

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

preparatory work is the premise of the success of the shop, this link to do a good job, the late shop will save a lot of trouble. Bedding to join the project is everyone is very concerned about, so how to do a good job in the work of the preparatory work? Let’s take a look.

1, bedding stores need to market research, look at the local level of consumption, consumption habits. Ask if the wedding will go to where to buy? Why go there to buy? Look at the local market have what brand, what brand is the best selling, what grade of the goods, the price? Is selling a single brand or multiple brands.

2, open bedding stores need to choose a good shop address, where necessary in the downtown area but must take place on the city and the ~ is open shop in the street to store at least 2 doors above 70 square, so it is more suitable for open bedding stores.

3, bedding stores should have enough money. There should be more than 100 thousand of the shop funds do not include the facade transfer fees, facade rental purchase daily turnover of the cost.

4, open bedding stores need to prepare the final step is the most crucial step, purchase: open a bedding shop first select several brands you good, compared to the famous one, and then went to the city to look for the brand agency, also can call to the factory to ask him in the end is not the agent.

if you are going to open bedding stores, then you are just before opening, you must do some market research, do some necessary preparations for the location, learn some business investment skills, the only way to let yourself get better development shops in the business process.


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