Huang Xiuying managed to get a successful dumpling shop

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shop area is small, but as long as we carefully manage, can also make big business, get more and more success, earn more and more wealth. In this paper, the protagonist Huang Xiuying is the case, a small dumpling shop, careful management, access to countless entrepreneurs who envy the performance.

dumpling area less than 30 square meters, Huang Xiuying and her husband and two helpers, daily turnover of about 100 yuan, a loss for two consecutive months. In Huang Xiuying’s insistence, less than four months time, the business has changed a lot, from $one hundred per day gradually increased to $five hundred. Thin skinned dumplings very quickly became popular in Xi’an, called Changan District, from two employees to nine people, the business area doubled, dumplings are still full every day.

2 28 July, the Xi’an Municipal Women’s Federation announced the "Xi’an women entrepreneurs Ten Star", the general manager of Xi’an thin Food Co. Ltd. Huang Xiuying award, is listed as a typical farmer entrepreneurship. Speaking of open dumpling shop 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Huang Xiuying said, she was in the ring when selling dumplings.

Huang Xiuying was born in Changan District, home only two rotten hut, Fengnianguojie, home in little more room to live in, she had to spend the night around that time, her biggest dream is to learn the ability to earn money. In 1986, Huang Xiuying married, husband in megabytes on the plateau, home as pour as a church mouse. In the face of difficulties she and her husband came to the County West pulled the cart to sell hamburger. There is a little savings, they rented a facade in the street selling snacks, then in the county finally had a place to live in. After selling flour, processed chicken coop, did not do for a long time, is to lose everything.

in the market a few years of toil, Huang Xiuying realized that the entrepreneurial path: invest to aimed at the market, to play a special, unique to. After careful consideration, she decided to engage in food and beverage. At that time, Changan District did not have a distinctive taste delicious dumplings, Huang Xiuying decided to make dumplings.

1989 May, Huang Xiuying 5000 yuan loan, thin skin dumplings in the south of Changan District Street opened its doors. Why do you want to call the dumpling house? Huang Xiuying’s intention is: thin skin in the eyes of ordinary people is stingy, stingy, and she and her husband is really simple and honest people, the use of reverse thinking to make a humorous name, to attract the attention of customers; the two is to show the characteristics of dumpling skin as thin as paper.

1999 in March, after studying in the south to return to Huang Xiuying made an unexpected decision: give up the golden section of the dumplings! September 2000, located in friendship Street, Changan, the village of thin taste Park officially opened. The realization of the thin dumplings from the museum to the village of thin thin taste of the park, the business area expanded to 500 square meters, an increase of more than and 40 employees.

at the same time, she also changed the business philosophy: the dumplings when drilling >

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