Platform innovation is the booster of enterprise development

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

Shanxi in Changzhi last year was named as the private economic development of the province’s first pilot city, has a very good innovative soil, this year, once again usher in a new development of power management, innovation and entrepreneurship work better and better.

Since the

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" carried out in Changzhi city on complicity in a chess game, sing in a drama together with the established service "management of the city’s private economy development work leading group, issued" to promote technological innovation and financial revitalization of private economic development "30" opinions ", including entrepreneurship and innovation 7.

in policy support, set up a "special funds" development of private economy, private enterprises, growth of service platform and entrepreneurial innovation base construction to be supported; selected each year in the city’s "ten business model" and the "ten innovation model", given the highest 100 thousand yuan of financial support.

on the city’s seven emerging industries sector outstanding entrepreneurial innovation projects, give priority to the municipal financial institutions recommend "Red List", recommended at all levels of science and Technology Award; the newly created municipal identification of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base or municipal transformation and upgrading of foreign trade base, the city government to give 100 thousand yuan premium.

in the public service, to build a city three county level public service platform for SMEs, the establishment of technology trading market in the city service platform for the majority of enterprises to provide 9 categories 69 services. The establishment of large and medium-sized Small and micro businesses supporting cooperation platform, give priority to the use of local products of the same price conditions, improve the "native" local product sales rate.

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