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March 14, 2017 0 Comments

automotive after market opportunities bursting, unlimited service field of automobile customer service is potential, many investors have targeted the car beauty market, but in the same industry, car beauty shop to outshine others?

1, attracting more customers to


2, think of ways to keep these free services to enjoy new customers


3, through good products and good sales staff will be sold to the customer

method: the need for screening certain any products into the store, after pass the product needs to have the manual guide guide that any product selling and so on need to guide the gift of the gab will sell well (professional knowledge + main push consciousness + professional sales method and product display image "to speak" = good sales.

There is also the best

4, very professional service lock customers improve the perfect loyalty


This means is hard to upgrade

store size: Center stores, warehouse stores, community stores, several linkage mode, free service resource sharing service full coverage to a wider area. For example, in a "Huling" system, in any point, a call for personalized service, to the area to the home, the simplest metaphor at home what time the car is washed, without waiting in line.

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