Shop location should follow what rules

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shop location is a very critical process, but many people do not know the location of the skills, and therefore tend to enter some errors. So shop location should follow what rules? Here we give some analysis of some of the site skills, I hope we can harvest.

it calmed the values

called the "farce retreat" is to determine the location, according to the shop location, select the district crowded, frequent commercial activities, avoid the remote environment. "Values" is the store located point as the center outward extension of a distance, a circular ring consumption using this distance to a radius. Traffic conditions, terrain and geographical scenery, the characteristics of the activities of the customer and the customer’s income are the factors that determine the business district.

values are generally divided into three categories: mature central business circle, the formation of the business district and community type. The first is the core business areas of the city, either the city or outsiders will go; forming values of general regional business office or zone, shopping is generally faster pace of life, the pursuit of fashion trend of young people; the main consumer groups community-based district is the communities surrounding consumers live.

value is affected by various constraints, its shape is often irregular shape, but in theory, the three levels of the structure can be represented by the size of the concentric circles of different sizes of three. The key is to determine the radius distance of each level. Is located in the residential area of the shop as an example, with a radius of 500 meters radius of 1000 meters for the main business district, a district, a radius of 1500 meters for the third district, walking time were 8, 15, 20 minutes (see table). In addition, there are purchasing power from the shopping district, such as the flow of purchasing power, the special relationship between purchasing power, but the proportion is very small.

of course, the above figures are empirical figures, the specific implementation of each store, you need first-hand survey data as the basis for residents. Because the industry stores different formats, store size, the District radius will also have the very big difference, is not immutable and frozen.

line into the city

The aggregation of

related stores helps to raise the attention of the same target consumer group, and people think of the street when it comes to the purchase of a commodity, such as Beijing, Wangfujing, and the like in Xidan. Therefore, the choice of the same kind of clothing in the high visibility of the brand is relatively concentrated business district, the consumer’s purchase goal is very clear, both to enhance the image of the store, but also help to improve the popularity of the store.

according to the city environment, shopping district, street elements of different, different customer location, in the shop location, according to the location of the customer and brand positioning to determine the store address. Location and brand positioning

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