Suning com after the great leap forward speed reduction refers to transfer risk to the supplier

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January 20th, Suning red children "in 2013 one million pregnant mother baby love tour started in Beijing, this is Su Ning in September 2012 to $66 million acquisition of the electricity supplier for the first time since the red child, held a joint marketing activities. The two sides will work together to conduct a comprehensive development in maternal and child market, executive vice president Li Bin said the red child to Paul at the end of 2013 sales target to achieve 3 billion yuan.

in fact, early in the first half of 2012 has been insolvent by the supplier exchange to maintain operation, its expansion is actually a "burning" of the game, but Tesco smarter, burn people money, risk transfer to suppliers and Jingdong burning their own risk, to carry by shareholders.

after the great leap forward active deceleration

Suning Appliance released in January 17th "on the development of e-commerce business that notice" shows: in 2012,’s main commodity sales revenue of 15 billion 216 million yuan (including tax). The other by the statistics, travel, recharge, lottery tickets, group purchase and other virtual products collection business scale of about 1 billion 500 million yuan, in addition to "red child" mother, cosmetics sales business and open platform business to achieve sales volume of 1 billion 620 million yuan (including tax, not included in the consolidated statements of Suning system).’s sales rose from 5 billion 900 million yuan in 2011 to 15 billion 200 million yuan in 2012, an increase of 158%, but has not yet completed the headquarters issued at the beginning of 2012 sales target of 30 billion yuan.

This is not the first time

Tesco no promises, as early as 2011, Suning Appliance will business sales target set in the annual 8 billion yuan, but in the end only completed 5 billion 900 million yuan. Suning electricity supplier in 2013 finally intends to slow a slow, control the pace of growth.

and the reason for the continuous decline in income standards, Li Bin said: the main push in 2012 0 yuan to buy promotional methods, significantly lower the overall customer price (the average transaction amount per customer) level."

red child COO Chen Shuang said: the four quarter of 2012, the red child to achieve sales of $520 million, an increase of 30%. Bidirectional diversion and red child, brought rapid growth of the number of users for the red child." According to this estimate, the annual sales of 2 billion 80 million yuan after the synergies.

but executive vice president Li Bin said the red child in 2013 sales target of 3 billion yuan. This means that the red child this year sales growth of about 50%, far below the level of the first two years of its growth in tesco. headquarters Market Management Center Deputy Director Min Juanqing on the "investor" said, the current 2013 overall performance target has not been determined.

burn too quickly into a loss of

in recent years, with the rapid rise of Jingdong mall and other electricity providers, >

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