Shop operators to help you break the micro Amoy affiliate marketing

March 11, 2017 0 Comments

micro Amoy as Taobao to seize the mobile phone tools, though with more like that but has shown him the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, unique charm. In the promotion of Taobao big sellers, micro Amoy marketing capabilities have also been verified. As a small seller, lack of liquidity, making marketing operations weak, looking for new breakthroughs. Micro clean and seamless combination of shops, can be said to be small sellers of the gospel, can be a good solution to operating costs. These are reflected in the micro scouring the impact of membership marketing.


below the author combined with other store operations experience, talk about the micro Amoy membership marketing.

1 member absorption

The early members of the

accumulation is very important, good effect to the Taobao platform micro Amoy activities, but the personal recommendation is within the shop guide, the advantage of this approach is to ensure the quality of membership. Generally came to the shop’s flow are interested in the baby or like a certain style, if you can hold this part of the sales performance will be of great help. This operation has a premise, the store can reach a certain amount of traffic every day, otherwise there is no meaning.

shop within the guidance of attention requires us to create attractive pictures and content, in the home page and the baby page to do a good job in a prominent position. Conditional to do a separate micro Amoy page. The content of the page must be clear to the visitor: what will you benefit from us?. For example, coupons, free shipping, small gifts and so on.

2 to develop the habits of members

micro Amoy has begun to have a member, then how to make good use of these members, to bring performance to the store, which requires us to develop customer habits. First of all, we have to analyze the situation of the members, such as consumer grade, hobbies, etc.. Although the micro Amoy is a marketing tool, but also a communication tool. We have to make good use of their social skills. When we slowly through the content to attract live users every day to see, Gesanchaiwu shop promotion nature can bring remarkable effect.

3 activity achievement affiliate marketing

how to mobilize good members, activities essential. The role of activities is to stimulate consumption and improve store visibility. For small sellers, activities are particularly important. Like I used to give a women’s clothing store planning activities is micro scouring a week on trial. Have a high degree of active and when the week consumption customers will receive a new clothes shop every week, and drying out their photos after receiving the dress. This activity is intended to stimulate consumption by customers in the weekly, and show the new clothes, the formation of word of mouth marketing real, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

for different shops different baby, the activities of the planning are different, there are skills. This seller friends can communicate with me.

micro Amoy for small sellers, is the key to seize the mobile client end, the latter will certainly be more Taobao +

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