2012 successful completion of the annual meeting of the board was the best mobile nternet applicati

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seventh annual meeting of the Chinese Internet owners in April 7th at the Beijing International Conference Center was successfully held, more than 4000 owners, the guests and the more than and 200 for the reporter to participate in this conference. Among them, the good bean recipes with the focus on the food industry, the successful selection of the seven annual 2011~2012 Internet annual selection activities, and eventually won the best mobile Internet application title.

it is understood that a good bean recipes is a good bean network’s mobile APP applications, has launched the iPhone version, Android version, which iPhone version also applies to ipad. At present, a good bean recipes downloaded over one million, the user base covering the country, is now the most popular food class, life class mobile applications.


figure: good bean

it is understood that the good beans network is China leading professional delicacy sharing platform, one of the earliest advocates of standardization and legalization, step HD graphic products have gradually become the industry standard recipes. Good bean recipes by users to share the about one hundred thousand practical recipes, refined and orderly, easy to learn, with detailed and clear steps, let the "kitchen novice" instantly become the master love cooking, delicacy, love life, family love.


, "the best life application good bean recipes as early as 2011 won the major domestic mainstream market, won the U.S. Apple Official 2011 Annual Chinese best life application, only winning delicacy applications, including the Internet giant Baidu, Taobao, Tencent, 360 of the open platform is good bean recipes figure. The 2012 annual meeting of the landing and was awarded the best mobile Internet application title, marking a further rise in the influence of good beans network, to a new level.

now, in the face of life, the trend of mobile Internet, the latest launch of a good bean network where to eat products and mobile applications. Different from similar products, where to eat is based on the relationship between users and friends launched, to meet the different regions, different eating habits, different groups of dietary needs. Users can go where to eat to find their own interest in food, you can also share the characteristics of food Raiders, so as to find and enjoy the food at the same time, more convenient interaction with friends, enhance viscosity.


figure: where to eat

it is reported that the seven annual Internet 2011~2012 annual selection activities by Discuz, a joint Multi Media Co sponsored, the results of the selection of the results of the annual meeting of the grand ceremony.

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