Ali holding behind Celestica goods through the world Huitong

March 11, 2017 0 Comments

the evening of October 9th, the industry suddenly heard a heavy news: Alipay’s parent company, Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd will invest 1 billion 180 million yuan to subscribe Celestica fund registered capital of 262 million 300 thousand yuan, accounting for 51% of the share capital after the completion of. In fact, Ali Holdings Celestica fund as early as expected, coupled with the already had the force of Ali small loan business, capital into a one, Ali has become a real commercial bank.

refers to the bank, the dictionary is explained through deposits, loans, remittances, savings and other business, to assume the task of credit intermediary agency. In short, the most important is accused of bank deposits and lending, Ali financial if the small loan business, credit review is not a problem (Ali has hundreds of thousands of real business dealings, record) source of funding is the biggest weakness (Alipay late fees can not be used indiscriminately), and solve the largest source of funding is guaranteed the balance of treasure


first put Ali financial group independence let Peng Lei in, then the force has been set up before the small and micro loans, then raise the balance of treasure, Ali solved step by step several points of the largest banks in the process of development, Ma as a "Tai Chi Master", the next big game of chess, the pieces to disk gradually clear, like the palm view lines.

goods through the world, Huitong "is the highest pursuit of Chinese thousands of years many business tycoons, business master Tao Zhugong did not dare to think so, hongdingshangren Hu Xueyan of the Ming Dynasty and the wealthy Shen Wansan did not reach this height, Shanxi Qiao Zhiyong narrowly failed to. Ma to do now is the former do not, with the electricity supplier ecosystem Ali, Ma reached goods through the world ", now Ali financial system already day being with people (policy support, market maturity, lack of capital and talent), it is time to make a reconstruction of Ali even bigger than now Ali’s career – huitong. Obviously, from Ali layout of the financial system of the moment, Ma has made the prepared mind, a hitherto unknown of the valiant record is creating, although this will appear in the process of many uncertain factors, although more than 5 of the possibility of failure.

let’s return to the topic, Ali shares Celestica fund itself, why Ali at the moment of investment and holding Celestica? I think there are three reasons:

first: test the water successfully. Previously, the balance of treasure is only Ali and Celestica fund to test the water, and did not rise to the strategic height. Good effect of course better, to lay the foundation for the next step of Ali financial action, even if the failure of the entire layout of Ali will not be too much, you can also find other funds or other ways to do things Ali deposit. However, there is no doubt that the balance of treasure to test the water is successful.

second: control. Ma Yun, led by Ali management is a very strong control of the group, from the recent partner system and dual equity system visible >

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