2011 Jiangsu nternet webmaster conference live video

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2011 Jiangsu Internet webmaster General Assembly will be "innovation and win-win cooperation" as the theme, the general assembly as a fundamental principle and guiding ideology, invited senior experts over the Internet for many webmaster of the present and the future of the Internet, explore innovation industry website, cooperation in the development of e-commerce and other topics.

the conference will provide a platform for the IT industry, invite concerned about Jiangsu Internet development network company responsible person and webmaster, around the advanced Internet technology, Internet products, services and Internet business topics such as how to fusion through service innovation, model innovation, technological innovation and traditional industry deeply discussion and exchange, participants and participants will discuss the direction of positive interaction, get more benefits for the traditional use of the Internet industry, to provide more ideas for the Internet industry companies, to promote the progress and development of the Internet industry.

2011· Jiangsu stationmaster conference is organized by the Admin5 Adsense nets, Internet entrepreneurs club, phpwind, Peng passenger network co Jiangsu only for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the Internet webmaster exchange, welcome enterprises and institutions engaged in the Internet industry or individuals to participate in the meeting. This will be a big Internet experience exchange, hundreds of IT people, Internet entrepreneurs, personal webmaster, Internet company CEO, relevant scholars and experts in relevant reports the media reporter Qi Taiyuan elite, is undoubtedly a great opportunity to meet people of high quality pulse, but also the perfect stage brand promotion display.

A5 webmaster conference room

time: September 25th



Admin5 webmaster Internet entrepreneurs club


phpwind Peng guest network

support unit

bShare Sohu micro-blog Comsenz Shanghai Century Internet

14:00-14:05 city leaders address

14:05-14:20 webmaster network founder Zhang Zhengjun entrepreneurial experience sharing (1 questions)

14:20-14:30 bShareCEO Li Yanshu keynote speech

14:30-14:40 Baidu alliance business manager Liu Nan keynote address: entrepreneur sustainable development solutions

14:40-14:45 lottery Internet Club offers exquisite gifts

14:45-15:10 military software founder of the Chinese Army keynote speech (1 questions)

15:10-15:25 Ali et al

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