Effective promotion method of enterprise website

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how to promote their products through the website is the thing these bosses are considering and looking forward to, and often deal with some small businesses. On the site have a common specific requirements: Baidu search product keywords as far as possible before the first two pages of this problem is indeed a problem for many novice. In fact, if not to think, any problems are likely to be difficult; and sometimes as long as the little mind, will find very easy to fix by observation and Pondering over a period of time, he found this 3 tips in enterprises (especially small businesses) using promotion website:

For example, I give

a production of slag cooler enterprises do a slag cooler, 1, as far as possible the domain name spelling. The domain name as much as possible with the company’s flagship product for the Pinyin spelling. The domain name is registered as a www.365liyi.cn domain name spelling proved very popular search engine welcome website launched in February 19th less than two days was Baidu included but pissed on February 24th because he received the registration certificate is temporarily closed, one is 10 days, resulting in Baidu’s ranking from third pages at once down, more than and 10 outside. Today the record through the trust will not exceed one week, cold slag machine network will return to the first three pages in Baidu, because her name spelling.

For example, I have a

website ranking before the tower crane. Just find a few friends to search "tower" two characters with different IP Baidu, 2, ignoring the competitor’s website. Baidu search product keywords. Slowly looking for massive search results, until you find the Jin Yuan tower crane, found immediately after the click open. And then restart the ADSL cat, that is, re dial a new IP to re run the previous process. This work is very simple, only need to be repeated three or four times every day on the line, after a week, I think Baidu Jin Yuan tower is welcome by the user according to the user expectations, search website ranking suddenly rose to the first page, and for a long time in the top two.

ultimate goal is to sell their own brand products online, 3, clever use of Baidu’s search to promote enterprise website. Let as many users see their products, and "search" will be able to play such a role. The following is the Jin Yuan tower for example I. When the "tower" the word ranking is still relatively low, take the "search" method, the specific operation method is similar to the second tips I did not need too many people, but the IP will often change, not to search for other search "Jin Yuan tower" four words, many times a long time when someone searches for "tower" in Baidu, Jin Yuan Crane "as a" search "presented below YAHOO also have this available tips.

an endless enjoyment. I let everyone laughed at the

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