Today’s headlines algorithm for Wang Zhengrang media into the content of workers

March 11, 2017 0 Comments

Abstract: they can only be reduced to the content of the workers, for the proposed algorithm to provide a steady stream of topics grab grab material.


London, England, the independent newspaper in March 26, 2016 issued a final paper version, after the full transition to digital products (photo: visual China)

Because the

founder Zhang Yiming in an interview once again reiterated that "no editor" and "algorithm without values", on the recommendation of today’s headlines algorithm for noise again, even the "people’s Daily" jump out "algorithm called more popular" editor "; and just from pea pods away, new the title of" Light Mount magazine co-founder Wang Junyu also issued in the know, tit for tat that "technology is the values, depending on what you want to do".

today’s headlines about the mechanism of the algorithm has been a lot of discussion, the algorithm is neutral, which is actually not easy to argue against the wrong values.

this article does not discuss the principle of operation, no black box algorithm "algorithm to do value judgments, but focused on the rise of popularity of today’s headlines, the algorithm distributes the influence on media ecology. Content producers, in the process of what kind of role change?

in this article, I am not the traditional media with distinction, referred to as the media, because in the algorithm and in the reader’s eyes, there is no difference between them, are content producers (the only difference lies in the fact that Zhang Yiming was in an interview that the high "copyright purchase cost" more is to print it).

algorithm distribution is breaking the value of the media


also made headlines today "headlines subscribe mechanism", but a latitude independent subscription only affect the algorithm, the platform will not "every article headlines" in the media are automatically pushed to subscribers from reading each article can see this subscription is poor (WeChat public subscription number).

article by distributing algorithm of "black box", the total collapse of the concept of media brands, media audience, curation media, because the media is no longer a stable audience, there is no stable readers expectations, can no longer set, content output through ongoing issues to create media brands, but only by the title of the party, the vulgarization of issues let the audience find each article.

because it is impossible to have their own stable audience and fans, so fans operations, transformation, electricity supplier diversion are out of the question.

media has become a "factory workers" the content of today’s headlines, traffic, advertising revenues are holding the reins in the hands of today’s headlines. This is why today’s headlines to pay the wages of the media (so that at least 1000 headline number, the monthly income of at least $10 thousand). This is the same as the process of changing from the matchmaking platform travel service providers.

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