Zhang Xiaolong’s ambition Refactoring web with a small program

March 11, 2017 0 Comments

Abstract: small program, is a small site. And WeChat, like a browser.


years ago, Zhang Xiaolong wrote a software: Foxmail.

software this year, there are millions of users, which is a considerable amount of time, because then there are only tens of millions of equivalent scale users.

I am a very loyal user, because until today, I still use Foxmail.

but there is reason to believe that the use of the client (software) to send and receive e-mail users, more and more, has changed to use web to send and receive mail.

open a web site, enter the user name and password, see the e-mail message, I believe that the majority of users in the PC Internet era in the latter part of the habit.

Foxmail such software, was eventually defeated by web services.


mobile Internet era, web applications in the back, more, is APP.

or send and receive mail.

mobile terminal is probably a lot of people back to the use of the software, the mobile terminal called APP.

few people will open the browser and enter the URL, enter your username and password, send email to


looks like, the software is back, beating web.


Zhang Xiaolong seems to disagree.

although he is a software school.

he decided to stand on the basis of WeChat’s huge user base and high viscosity, so that web comeback.

this is a small program.

small program, is a small site.

and WeChat, like a browser.


Zhang Xiaolong reviews the history of the Internet in the PC era.

he is full of nostalgic feelings to review to that website, does not require a subscription relationship.

site is the user would like to and the user link, it will not send a message.

site is "run away".

he misses the website.

he seems to want to return to the site in the face of small programs.



applet does not focus on the entrance, as the site does not actually focus on the entrance. The best way to reach a small program is to scan a two-dimensional code, just like entering a url. The search engine is based on the openness of web, but WeChat is not open

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