Second hand mobile privacy gray interest chain data has been deleted half an hour can be restored

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a number of second-hand mobile phone recycling shops operating a wide variety of

The average number of mobile phone

every day for 602 thousand and 14 years. The number is expected to reach 220 million replacement


second-hand mobile phone market buying and selling private interest in the formation of a chain of gray interest reporter experience: deleted phone data within half an hour resurrection

is afraid of privacy streaking public old mobile phone resting at home

/ reporter Tian Yuchen Intern Zhang Aobo ginger Guowen figure

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will be idle to sell the old mobile phone, beware of privacy leaks, the past few days, Dahe newspaper reporter survey found that 90% of the people in the home of retired mobile phone, but the residents of the 80% residents of their choice to stay at home. In addition to the lack of mobile phone recycling channels, they are most worried about improper handling of mobile phones caused by privacy leaks.

at the end of September, the reporter found that experience, around us there are many "Resurrection" deleted information of mobile phone business. According to industry sources, at present, because there is no regular mobile phone recycling channels, from the mobile phone recycling in reselling of personal privacy, may form a gray interests of the chain.

[status] 80% people will be idle in the old mobile home

yuan yuan, who lives near Zhengzhou City People’s road. Yesterday, when she was cleaning the house, found that the number of mobile phones at home as much as 8. These are the children down, I do not know how to deal with." Ms. Yuan said that the old mobile phone home after retirement, but also did not believe the formal business to buy. Sold to street vendors, the price is low, reluctant. "Before a 2007 bought the old mobile phone home, traders are willing to 2 dollars recovery." Ms. Yuan said, in addition to price, she is more afraid of mobile phone privacy leak.

and Ms. yuan, Mr. Wang also encountered similar troubles. Mr. Wang home store 4 old mobile phones, mobile phones are not bad, but the style and function obsolete". Mr. Wang also said that he did not want to sell the old phone, the key is to sell the phone, I do not know where to flow".

in recent days, the reporter interviewed 65 people in the streets of Zhengzhou, more than 90% of the people have said that the family has used mobile phones, and the residents do not know how to deal with the 80%, simply idle its home.

[argument] put the old mobile phone home into a pollution bomb

in this regard, Henan Province Environmental Protection Association President Wang Guoping told the Dahe reporters that mobile phone parts containing lead, mercury and other harmful substances, the release of radioactive material, great harm to human health, the waste is stored in the mobile phone home, is undoubtedly a "pollution bomb". At the same time, he also said that if the discarded mobile phones do not have to deal with the disposal of abandoned in the environment, its chemical composition will penetrate contaminated land and groundwater, causing two damage to the human body.

[fear] to sell second-hand mobile phone fear

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