Tencent business Chronicle in from C2C to B2B2C blindly follow

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[core] Tencent electricity supplier after the defeat of the pat C2C, followed by Taobao launched a number of brands behind the B2B2C business, but still did not achieve the desired results.

editor’s note: Tencent IM started in the portal, SNS, games and other fields have gained a larger market share, but in the field of electricity supplier has been unknown. Today, the Tencent’s business has been cultivated for 8 years, from the seed project C2C pat Network to 08 years B2B2C platform QQ Mall for 05 years, from e-commerce business into B2 business line to the birth of QQ online shopping to the last independent spin off is given greater strategic significance. Since 2013, Tencent electricity supplier has frequently appeared in the public eye.

In this paper,

"second" series of electric Tencent chronicles, about the attempt from C2C to B2C electric Tencent. Before the article is "not flourishing and bad pat net".

for B2B2C

Alibaba group in 2007 to set up Ali mother, located in the advertising platform based on Taobao. April 2008, Alibaba group founded Taobao mall, Taobao B2B2C business based on. In 2009, the Tencent in the field of electricity providers launched QQ rebate (fanli.qq.com) and B2B2C QQ (shop.qq.com) members of the official store follow Taobao.

QQ members of the official store, different from the pure C2C mode pat, but in addition to the independent site, but pat traffic interoperability. QQ members of the official store is for QQ membership paying customers and buyers credit degree 1 get above the user’s shopping platform, the initial line to compete with Taobao mall, free of charge for businesses launched the weekly flash sale activities, single product promotion, sending messages and other services.

in the face of the gradual decline in the volume of traffic, Tencent timely launch of QQ official store is not only to follow up competitors, but also for the expansion of their own platform and Tencent manufacturers consider customers.


is not feasible for unilateral harsh

in order to ensure the quality of the initial line for the QQ member of the official store audit is very strict, join conditions must be a business, authorized or brand registration certificate of first-line brand. As for the store operation capacity requirements, the following six requirements:

sourcing organization capability. In the total amount of goods, the number of single product to achieve industry-leading;

product quality. "QQ members of the official store requirements of all sales of goods must be genuine, not allowed to" fake, cheap goods, goods stall, defective products >

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