Mobile pornography network operators and their relationship has been repeatedly banned

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March 28th, the network information security policy by the Chinese Academy of science and technology joint research group released the "network information security situation report" shows that although China Mobile in the past few months has taken a series of measures to remediation jurisprudence WAP website, but there are still some mobile company "act in a diametrically opposite way", had been knocked out of the mobile phone jurisprudence site and sign a stirring among the dry bones.

operators and pornographic websites ambiguous relationship

recently, the media from the national pornography office was informed that the supervision and inspection group composed of the national anti pornography office organization of the Ministry of public security, the General Administration of press and publication departments from February 23rd to 26, Shanghai, Tianjin, respectively in Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other 11 provinces to carry out inspections. The results show that all localities have closed down all kinds of mobile phone pornographic websites more than 140 thousand.

But the

researcher at the Scientific Research Institute of science and technology policy and management Li Qiang said in a report, from January 2010 ~3 month 25 days, to test these jurisprudence site, found that China Mobile Beijing and Shanghai two companies of their own "mobile phone business to financial TV programs" illegal website promotion, "Li Qiang said. Affected by this, a lot of" webmaster "again. Prior to this, was found using pornographic websites to promote the main or SP (value-added service provider) business.

Li Qiang believes that the individual basic telecom operators difficult to let go of the jurisprudence of interests, and the absence of supervision of the telecommunications administration, also contributed to the individual basic telecom operators in the oral crackdown on the objective, practical and pornographic and other illegal WAP webmaster ogle, and even collusion, as unhealthy umbrella.

insiders revealed that mobile phone jurisprudence long-standing, which has been accompanied by a large number of users to report and complaints, and jurisprudence IP address was closed soon after the reopening of other events, it is "very few" about.

, according to media reports, operating value-added telecom services provider, Mr. Lin (SP) business for seven years said: "in the beginning, and we divided into 37 operators, then divided into 55, then to 73 years ago into, can be said that the bulk of the profits, by telecom operators."

in addition to the interests of the table is divided into invisible transfer of interest more terrible. The Shanghai related sources, in addition to the provisions of SP’s profits, but also regularly spend a huge amount of public relations fees, to ensure that they are not "limbo".

Li Qiang had also said that in fact, the interests of the mobile phone pornography chain has been very clear, the industry chain is divided into four parts: basic telecom operators, value-added service providers, web sites and alliances. Now the bottom is playing very well, the alliance and the website have destroyed a lot, we have seen the closure of a large number of illegal websites. But this is not cut off the interest chain.

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