HP confirmed the acquisition of music website Melodeo 35 million

March 11, 2017 0 Comments

Beijing on June 24th news, according to foreign media reports, the recent news sources revealed that the acquisition of the music website Melodeo, the acquisition price of $35 million. The acquisition was confirmed by HP.

not long ago, HP has just $1 billion 200 million acquisition of the U.S. smartphone maker Palm, the HP once again spent $35 million acquisition of the music website Melodeo. HP’s acquisition of Melodeo looks illogical, but the deal shows HP’s strategy is changing. After the acquisition of Melodeo, HP will enter the field of mobile music.

Melodeo music service

is similar to Apple’s acquisition of Lala or Pandora, Melodeo can also provide streaming media services through its mobile applications in cloud computing. Through its nuTsie and Mobilcast products, Melodeo can provide excellent content, simple user interface, and the contents can be obtained by any device, and to simplify the user experience, users can share entertainment content whenever and wherever possible. Melodeo with the operator Alltel, AT& T, Handmark, Handango, Thumbplay, apple, Danger, Motorola, NOKIA, China Unicom, China China SONY BMG music and Warner Music, the Danish operator TDC operator KTF and South Korea reached a distribution agreement or a customer relationship, the number of users has more than 50 million wireless. Melodeo’s mobile entertainment services are compatible with most mobile phones on the market today.

Melodeo service nuTsie for a variety of platforms, including blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile. Through nuTsie’s flagship service, users can scan their own iTunes playlists, and then you can use your own device to play the music in this list. Users can also view the playlist of other users, and listen to music by the music company’s recommendation engine or nuTsie’s recommended playlist.

The price of

Melodeo music service depends on the difference between wireless service providers and mobile phones. For example, the Android version of the nuTsie application needs to pay a one-time $9.95 downloads, while some of the Verizon’s mobile phone service costs $2.99 per month. Currently, nuTsie’s flagship service currently does not apply to iPhone phones.

although Melodeo’s reputation is not as good as its competitors LaLa, Spotify or Pandora, but the number of users is increasing. Sources said, Melodeo website can attract more than 2 million independent users per month, nuTsie applications under

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