Selective neglect of copyright may determine the life and death of the live platform

March 11, 2017 0 Comments

text / Zhang Shule, published in the "legal person" magazine 2016 10 monthly

held in August at the Rio Olympics, there have been a number of reports on the live platform. As a guest, Ying pepper, live many times through the form of live interviews, such as Phelps, Qin Kai and other performers, diving lovers what posture, sometimes limelight greatly overshadowed the traditional television and video sites.


but it should be noted that the real event has the right to broadcast Internet Co but Tencent and Ali two. Copyright, infringement and other issues, in the brutal growth of the broadcast platform, once again by entrepreneurs who selectively ignored.

event broadcast infringement events on behalf of the frequency of hair

in order to broadcast the Olympic Games, Tencent, Ali spent a lot of money.

as a result of CCTV in the 2016 European Cup in the absence of copyright distribution measures, so that each video platform was not ready to get the right to broadcast the Olympic network. By July 20th, CCTV suddenly decided to Rio Olympic network broadcast rights distribution. According to media reports, this will be more than half an hour delayed broadcast live broadcast of the exclusive Olympic new media copyright asking price 100 million yuan. Tencent and Ali eventually won the right to broadcast the network, which Tencent video and Youku potatoes to provide users with internet live during the Olympic games.

100 million yuan won the copyright, and did not let Tencent and Ali get particularly obvious Olympic bonus. Instead, no copyright video sites started the tricks. Each video site and broadcast platform, take a variety of ways, and even formed a huge spread matrix. For example, Sina, it played a social Olympics, micro-blog, portal, a live, second shot and other channels constitute an important component of the Olympic Games Sina content generation and distribution.

"At first glance, it seems

Tencent, Ali became big, 1 hundred million did not form a difference." Insiders said that in the past did not get a lot of interviews with the TV station, most of them will be taken to allow reporters to the identity of the audience into the stadium, recording or broadcast some of the game clips, made news. And now broadcast platform with a mobile phone will be able to enter the live competition of low cost, and it is full, in real time, with commentary, in fact the news through the Internet connection and live boundaries, but the hidden copyright worries very strong.

media man Tan Min pointed out: if a live car plus a few reporters standing in the stands will be able to broadcast the event, the past, the television stations have long been up. It is precisely because respect for copyright, there is no mess. At the same time, Tan Min also think: the real live or about the position, only to shoot at the best angle, in order to give the user a better live experience, this is one of the reasons for the high price of broadcast copyright.

can live in the era of the Internet, with the sharing of free, universal live hat, live platforms and various types of anchor has long been the beginning of chaos and

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