January global Web server market Apache share rose to 41 64%

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IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 01, reported: according to the latest Netcraft data, in January 2014, Netcraft global survey of the statistics of the 861379152 sites. Among them, the use of Apache Web server site has 358669012, accounting for 41.64% of global market share, rose last month, compared with 0.38%. Share rose Microsoft IIS, up 1.34%. The Nginx and Google current share is declining, especially Google, big drop 1.97%. Nginx fell 0.29%. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements:


(Figure 1) August 1995 -2014 statistics for all sites in

as shown in Figure 1, in 2014 of January, Netcraft received the survey site has 861379152, an increase of nearly 0.04%.


(Figure 2) August 1995 -2014 global web server market share in


(Figure 3) global mainstream Web server share

is shown in Figure 2, shown in Figure 3, January in the mainstream of the global Web server market share, Apache, Microsoft and Microsoft share prices, the largest increase, up to 1.34%, to 29.42%; Apache rose 0.38% to 41.64%. The Nginx fell 0.29% to $2.47%, Google was down by 1.97%, to $14.40%.

below, we look at the above Web server on the active site ratio.


(Figure 4) June 2000 -2014

active web site in the web server market share in


(Figure 5) global mainstream Web server share

Figure 4, figure 5 shows that more than half of the world’s active sites using Apache Web server, the market share rose to $54.5% last month rose by $0.54%. Nginx ranked second, the market share fell to 11.97%, is the only share of the decline in the Web server. Microsoft third, up to 11.61%. The Google fourth, the share rose to 8.54%.

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