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1 115 SkyDrive closed share is speculation suspected promotion 115 circle

DoNews August 15th news days before SkyDrive announced 115 due to "regulatory policy" factors were forced to shut down the public share function, "SkyDrive 115 dead" point of view and the spread of the industry. DoNews day before the exclusive 115 SkyDrive claimed to receive "superior notice" or for self hype, just as the 115 circle line campaign, while 115 SkyDrive Beijing branch will be big layoffs.

a 115 SkyDrive employees in Beijing DoNews said, with up to 100 employees in Beijing branch, to spread to 30 days before the layoffs, branch will also be abolished, the staff will not want to go to Dongguan to cut processing, for 1 months salary compensation, employee dissatisfaction with the compensation scheme, brewing labor arbitration.

115 SkyDrive Beijing official denied that there are layoffs, changes in personnel departments to adjust, also points out that the Beijing branch of the normal operation, denied the dissolution.

, according to a person familiar with the matter said, Lai Lin Feng claimed close share function, will be launched for SNS products "115 circles", in fact, the product has been brewing for at least a year, started to recruit people crazy, up to more than 150 products, after the completion of the implicit layoffs, leaving more than 10 people.

the source also pointed out that Lai Lin Feng claimed to receive "superior notice" is likely to be self hype, just as the 115 circle line campaign, the relevant departments are also causing regulatory illusion, a blow to competitors such as Baidu, kingsoft.

it is understood that the 115 SkyDrive appeared in 2009, currently has 40 million users. Lai Linfeng believes that with the 115 SkyDrive bigger, policy risk is bigger also, close to 115 share function to healthy development, but also to play an exemplary role in SkyDrive industry.

in January 20th last year, SkyDrive announced the 115 for the establishment of the Beijing branch, Lai Lin Feng said it would establish a sales team in Beijing, brand promotion center and R & D team, to pave the way for the listing.

2 National buy site closed down a total of 2859 mortality rate as high as 48%

Tencent Francisco August 14th message, China Electronic Commerce Research Center report released today pointed out that the first half of 2012, the number of China group purchase website steadily from 3909, reduced the "operation at the beginning of the group purchase by the end of June net decrease of 3210, while the number of employees and average salary of group purchase is also reduced. This phenomenon is the inevitable development of the industry.

buy a large number of sites shut down does not mean that the industry is difficult to develop, on the contrary, this is the industry tends to regulate the performance of mature. Improve the threshold of the industry, the industry structure is clear and rational return to the capital market makes entrepreneurs to buy industry investment becomes cautious.


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