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July 21st, one of China’s first batch of independent micro-blog website to do what network ( officially announced that due to its lack of funds and resources, has decided to transfer the site. "The way we transfer is presented." What to do network CEO Mu revealed that the near future will continue to operate the site, until the acquisition of the right.

In addition to

Zuosa net, net, muttering Fanfou and other domestic involved in the earlier batch of micro-blog’s website has shrunk. When faced with sina, Tencent, NetEase and other portals micro-blog surging tide, some of them closed, some transfer, more in the pursuit of transformation. Independent micro-blog site is facing a crisis of survival.

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After the micro-blog

website in 2007 began to appear in China, what is one of the first batch of independent China micro-blog website, over the same period and Fanfou, jiwai, mutter, garrulous etc.. Among them, the influence of the meal no larger. In the first half of 2009, the number of users did not surge to 1 million from the beginning of the year to 300 thousand, the official account of its opening, including many cultural celebrities and well-known media.

It is reported that

, Fanfou’s name comes from the old say, "can any meal". Wang, founder of the site explained that before the University, the students met face to face not to say, eat it, said, no rice". Netizens commented that the name reflects the micro blog’s nagging spirit, what things can be said out of one or two.

however, in July 8, 2009, after living for 236 days, seeing the rice has become the first to Chinese micro blog, because of many reasons, the rice has become an abrupt end, fall Chinese independent micro-blog site in the martyrs.

belong to the independent micro-blog site in the Legion muttering network, officially launched in February 8, 2009, is the earliest one of the sites involved in micro blog. In July 14th this year, the micro blog site muttering network low-key transition location dating community. The reporters found that in a whisper web page most prominent position, claiming that the site is already muttering network location dating community a landmark, can help users to find what people around and chat with them, but also to explore the user’s city, found that users do not know the original interesting places". However, the related websites whisper net has not timely amended, said he is still the micro blog site.

since the beginning of August 2009, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, the four major domestic portal to join micro-blog competition, the growth momentum of the domestic small and medium sized micro-blog companies have slowed down. Despite repeatedly stressed what Mou Zhijian network to do a professional service provider micro-blog, do not worry about the competition with the portal, but the grassroots micro-blog sites in the lack of funds and resources, so it is lack of confidence in the big portals competition.

, however, Mou Zhijian firmly believes that micro-blog is the next five to ten years of Internet based communications technology to micro

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